An excellent investment for companies looking to improve efficiency and optimising sales of cold stored goods.

Cold storage can be used to store products such as meat, dairy, pharmaceutical goods and retail products.

It has an enormous amount of space. It is an advantage for the products that need to be pre stocked for consumers.

It has enormous benefits like :  

  • It reduces the wastage of vegetables and fruits. 
  • It can be used to store medicines or vaccines. 
  • The off season farm products are available at affordable rates. 
  • Packaged or processed foods are available to customers.

Setting up cold storage

Proper connectivity by road, drainage facilities and elevation of the site should be considered. 

The land for cold storage should be converted to non-agriculture land.

Permission from the local authority for the construction of cold storage should be taken.

The product and its market size should be evaluated and properly matched to the capacity of the cold storage.

Cold storage basic design and equipments:

Cold storage room dimension: 14ft* 10ft* 10ft.

Temperature requirement : 4°C  ± 2°C.

Humidity and storage space: 85-90%

Storage materials: vegetables and fruits.

Capacity: 10 metric tons.

Loans and subsidies for the cold storage projects:

50% of the total cost and machinery is financed by the ministry of food processing industries.

Cold storage business can also be done with the 80% loan from nationalized banks.

The National cooperative development corporation provides financial assistance for building cold storages depending on the project size and its feasibility.

Future prospects of cold storage:

Processing of the surplus fresh produce is highly important for enabling longer shelf life.

The growing demand for processed foods as a result of higher disposable incomes would lead to a requirement of a robust cold chain distribution system.

Growth of the retail market in India and the entry of multinational retail giants will be a major driving force.

Increasing production of horticultural products that require cold storage facilities.

Establishment of new and modern cold storage facilities will necessarily push up demand for refrigerated vehicles.

The cold chain monitoring space in the country has seen growth and the emergence of multiple players.