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BHM Agrimart App is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of services to more than 5000+ farmers across 12 major agricultural states in India. The app serves as a one-stop solution, providing features such as regular crop reminders, voice calls in regional languages, crop advisories, weather reports, and local market rates.

By utilizing the app, farmers can directly consult with agricultural experts for guidance on chemical dosage, crop health recommendations, and the utilization of high-quality input products. Additionally, the app facilitates convenient transactions for the purchase and sale of input and output products.

With real-time information at their fingertips, farmers can access personalized advisory services tailored to their specific needs through the app.


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Farmers can derive numerous benefits from using our app.


Expanded Market Access

Our apps connect farmers directly with buyers, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters, providing a broader market reach beyond their local area. This access to a larger customer base can lead to increased sales opportunities.

Better Price Transparency

Farmers can use the app to monitor market prices for various agricultural commodities in real-time. This information enables them to make more informed decisions regarding selling their produce, ensuring they receive fair prices for their products.


Reduced Middlemen

By eliminating intermediaries, farmers can sell their produce directly to buyers through the app. This helps in cutting down on commission fees and ensuring that farmers receive a higher share of the profits.

Improved Profit Margins

With direct access to buyers and reduced involvement of intermediaries, farmers can potentially increase their profit margins by obtaining better prices for their agricultural products.


Enhanced Market Opportunities

Our apps may provide farmers with insights into emerging market trends, demands, and consumer preferences. This information can help farmers align their production to meet market requirements and tap into new opportunities.

Efficient Order Placement

Farmers can use the app to place orders for inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery conveniently. This streamlines the procurement process, saving time and effort for farmers.


Timely Payments

Using the app for trading ensures faster and more secure payment transactions. Farmers can receive payments directly into their accounts, eliminating delays or the risk of non-payment associated with traditional trading methods.

Quality Assurance

Some our apps may offer features that allow farmers to showcase the quality and certifications of their produce. This helps build trust with potential buyers and ensures the quality standards of the products.


Access to Agricultural Services

In addition to trading, some apps may provide access to agricultural services such as transportation, storage, and logistics. This helps farmers in managing post-harvest operations efficiently.


Information & Knowledge Sharing

Our apps often provide a platform for farmers to exchange information, share best practices, and learn from each other. This collective knowledge sharing can contribute to improved farming techniques and overall productivity.


Access to Government Schemes & Programs

Our apps may provide information on government schemes, subsidies, and support programs available for farmers. This helps farmers stay updated on relevant initiatives that can benefit their farming operations.


Record-Keeping and Analytics

Some trading apps offer features for farmers to track their sales, monitor inventory, and analyse their trading patterns. These tools provide valuable insights for making informed business decisions.


Networking & Collaboration

Farmers can connect with other farmers, experts, and industry professionals through the app’s community features. This fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, & sharing of experiences & expertise.


Convenience & Time Savings

Using our app eliminates the need for farmers to physically visit markets or negotiate deals individually. This saves time, reduces transportation costs, and allows farmers to focus more on their farming activities.


Weather Updates

The app may provide real-time weather forecasts and alerts, allowing farmers to plan their farming activities effectively and mitigate risks associated with adverse weather conditions.

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